Essay on something that annoys you

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Essay on something that annoys you

Nietzsche On The Need To Be Alone "Wherever there have been powerful societies, governments, religions, or public opinions -- in short, wherever there was any kind of tyranny, it has hated the lonely philosopher; for philosophy opens up a refuge for man where no tyranny can reach: Some will feel that he might have said with greater justice: They hide behind customs and opinions.

At bottom, every human being knows very well that he is in this world just once, as something unique, and that no accident, however strange, will throw together a second time into a unity such a curious and diffuse plurality: From fear of his neighbor who insists on convention and veils himself with it.

But what is it that compels the individual human being to fear his neighbor, to think and act herd-fashion, and not to be glad of himself?

A sense of shame, perhaps, in a few rare cases. In the vast majority it is the desire for comfort, inertia -- in short, that inclination to laziness of which the traveler spoke. Only artists hate this slovenly life in borrowed manners and loosely fitting opinions and unveil the secret, everybody's bad conscience, the principle that every human being is a unique wonder; they dare to show us the human being as he is, down to the last muscle, himself and himself alone -- even more, that in this rigorous consistency of his uniqueness he is beautiful and worth contemplating, as novel and incredible as every work of nature, and by no means dull.

When a great thinker despises men, it is their laziness that he despises: The human being who does not wish to belong to the mass must merely cease being comfortable with himself; let him follow his conscience which shouts at him: What you are at present doing, opining, and desiring, that is not really you.

Kant clung to the university, subjected himself to governments, remained within the appearance of religious faith, and endured colleagues and students: Schopenhauer has no consideration for the scholars' caste, stands apart, strives for independence of state and society -- this is his example, his model, to begin with the most external features He was an out and out solitary; there was not one really congenial friend to comfort him -- and between one and none there gapes, as always between something and nothing, an infinity.

No one who has true friends can know what true solitude means, even if the whole world surrounding him should consist of adversaries. Alas, I can see that you do not know what it means to be alone.

Wherever there have been powerful societies, governments, religions, or public opinions -- in short, wherever there was any kind of tyranny, it has hated the lonely philosopher; for philosophy opens up a refuge for man where no tyranny can reach: That is where the lonely hide; but there too they encounter their greatest danger The second danger is to despair of truth.

This danger confronts every thinker who begins from Kant's philosophy, assuming that he is a vigorous and whole human being in his suffering and aspiration and not merely a clacking thinking- or calculating-machine As soon as Kant would begin to exert a popular influence, we should find it reflected in the form of a gnawing and crumbling skepticism and relativism; and only among the most active and noble spirits, who have never been able to endure doubt, you would find in its place that upheaval and despair of all truth which Henrich von Kleist, for example, experienced as an effect of Kant's philosophy.

Essay on something that annoys you

We cannot decide whether that which we call truth is really truth or whether it merely appears that way to us. If the latter is right, then the truth we gather here comes to nothing after our death; and every aspiration to acquire a possession which will follow us even into the grave is futile.

If the point of this idea does not penetrate your heart, do not smile at another human being who feels wounded by it in his holiest depths. My only, my highest aim has sunk, and I have none left.Mr.

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Kingsworth, you have quite the ability to give me goosebumps and make me question everything I do. As a college student studying forestry, while engaging myself in environmental and sustainability “movements,” your essays have often sent me into crises of faith, causing me to .

This is the text of my keynote speech at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, December (You can also watch it on YouTube, but it runs to about 45 minutes.). 6 Things That Annoy You Every Day (Explained by Science) Facebook.

Twitter. Google Plus. Stumble Upon. The human brain likes things to be predictable, and it can't really relax and "tune out" something that doesn't make sense.

You might notice yourself trying to fill in the other half of the phone conversations you overhear. Nov 13,  · These are great writing prompts.

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These remind me of the questions on It’s nice to write there and have all your personal stories in one place where you can share them with friends or post anonymously.

While at work, there are a lot of annoying things. The thing that really annoys the workers the most, for example, is the customers. For instance, if they see you at the table folding something, they will come over, look at you, and then start going through the clothes, messing them /5(1).

And if anyone can figure out decent ways for a Robin-Hanson-ian em-clan to put together a similar sort of internal legal system for its members, and can describe how cultural-evolutionary pressures would lead em-clans to tend towards any particular systemic details, I would love to read about it.

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