Communalism casteism

Elements, Sources and Types of Social Problems! Let us first define a problem? A problem is a condition of discontentment resented by someone.

Communalism casteism

Many social activists have been asking for these reforms but in vain. How far is that true? Keeping aside the fact that Modi was backed to the hilt by Corporate, money flowed like water and all this was further aided by the steel frame of lakhs of RSS workers who managed the ground level electoral work for BJP.

He asserted that though he could not die for independence he will live for Independent India. This is again amongst the many falsehoods, which he has concocted to project his image in the public eye.

Communalism casteism

One knows that he belongs to a political ideology and political stream of RSS-Hindutva, which was never a part of freedom struggle. So there no question of people like him or his predecessors dying for freedom Communalism casteism the country. Congress, of course, has collected the baggage of corruption and weak governance.

The Communalism casteism of proportion discrediting of Congress begun by Anna movement, backed by RSS, and then taken forward by Kejriwal contributed immensely knocking Congress out of reckoning for victory. Kejriwal pursuing his impressive looking agenda against corruption went on to transform the social movement into a political party and in the process raing lots of question on the nature and potentials of social movements.

AAP put more than candidates and most of them have lost their deposits. Many of these candidates have excellent reputation and contribution to social issues and for engaging challenges related to social transformation.

After this experience of electoral battlefield how much will they be able to go back to their agenda of social change-transformation through agitations and campaigns will remain to be seen.

One Modi acolyte went on to say Modi is better than Gandhi! What a shame to appropriate the name of Gandhi, the great unifier of the nation with those whose foundations are on the divisive ideology of sectarian nationalism. While the religious minorities started being relegated to the second class citizenship in Gujarat, the myth of Gujarat development started becoming the part of folk lore, for long unchallenged by other parties and scholars studying the development.

When the data from Gujarat started being analyzed critically the hoax of development lay exposed, but by that time it was too late for the truth of development to be communicated to the people far and wide. On the surface it appears as if this was the only agenda around which Modi campaigned.

Modi as such used communal and caste card time and over again. This was done with great amount of ease and shrewdness. He did criticize the export of beef labeling it Pink revolution, subtly hinting the link of meat-beef to Muslim minorities.

This converted an economic issue into a communal one. Modi spoke regularly against Bangla speaking Muslims by saying that the Assam Government is doing away with Rhinos for accommodating the Bangla infiltrators.

The communal message was loud and clear. BJP spokesmen have already stated that these Bangla speaking Hindus are refugees while the Muslim is infiltrators. While at surface the plank of development ruled the roost there is definitely the subtle role played by communal polarization.

BJP has mostly succeeded in areas where already communal polarization has been brought in through communal or violence or terrorist violence. Tamil Nadu, Bengal and Kerala in particular.

The socio political interpretation of the deeper relations between acts of violence and victory of RSS-BJP-Modi needs to be grasped at depth; the polarizing role of communal-terrorist violence needs a deeper look.

While on surface the development myth has won over large section of electorate, it has taken place in areas which have in past seen the bouts of violence. Most of the inquiry commission reports do attribute violence to the machinations of communal organization.

Communalism casteism

At other occasions also he projected his caste, Ghanchi to polarize along caste lines.Good citizen is country developer. Good citizen programs their daily life activities for the benefits of other. Good citizens can share their experiences and knowledge with new generation.

Good citizens. There has been much debate about nepotism in Bollywood over the last few months and while the star kids might defend the idea of their own merit because the ultimate arbiter is the audience, you just have to turn to the example of Bobby Deol to appreciate that might not be entirely correct.

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