Alumalloy division case

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Alumalloy division case

Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 I gave that some thought and what I find confusing is the E field is claimed to share both the transverse and longitudinal waves seemingly at the same time. How do we reconcile the same field travelling at 2 different speeds at the same time? I believe the dielectric component is the E field?

Maybe the question to ask is what field is the dielectric longitudinal wave being represented as? As far as I can tell, there are actually two kinds of transverse waves.

Some kind of rotating vortex in the ether, which is known as "the far field". So, close to what Meyl wrote, it appears as if with the radiation of transverse waves, you have a "real" transverse wave in the vicinity of the antenna, which turns into some kind of "moving vortexes" further away from the antenna.

After all, you cannot have "real" transverse waves in a fluid, only at the boundary between two fluids or gases with a dfferent density. I posted some on this before: Originally Posted by lamare As far as I can tell, Tesla regarded EM waves as being "just" transversal electro-magnetic waves, just like the kind of waves that travel on a pond when you throw a rock in there.

If Alumalloy division case is what he was rejecting, I totally agree with him, because you cannot have transversal waves inside a fluid. Not in water and also not in the ether. Only at the border of two media with a different density you can have classic Alumalloy division case waves, IMHO.

So, in that sense I agree with Tesla. However, there is a third way waves can occur, both in fluids as in the ether, which are waves that literally run in circles, or, around the surface of some kind of vortex. So, you cannot have actual transversal waves inside the ether, but you can have localized standing waves making some kind of bubble inside the fluid.

And such bubbles, vortexes, are actually what we call particles and which are the cause for the well known wave-particle duality, which forms the basis for Quantum Mechanics: Introduction to quantum mechanics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quote: InLouis de Broglie proposed the idea that just as light has both wave-like and particle-like properties, matter also has wave-like properties.

Thus all matter exhibits properties of both particles and waves.

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In the double-slit experiment as originally performed by Thomas Young and Augustin Fresnel ina beam of light is directed through two narrow, closely spaced slits, producing an interference pattern of light and dark bands on a screen.

If one of the slits is covered up, one might naively expect that the intensity of the fringes due to interference would be halved everywhere. In fact, a much simpler pattern is seen, a simple diffraction pattern.

Alumalloy division case

Closing one slit results in a much simpler pattern diametrically opposite the open slit. Exactly the same behaviour can be demonstrated in water waves, and so the double-slit experiment was seen as a demonstration of the wave nature of light.

The diffraction pattern produced when light is shone through one slit top and the interference pattern produced by two slits bottom. The interference pattern from two slits is much more complex, demonstrating the wave-like propagation of light.

The double-slit experiment has also been performed using electrons, atoms, and even molecules, and the same type of interference pattern is seen. Thus all matter possesses both particle and wave characteristics.

So, there you are. Tesla was right in that there cannot be classic transversal waves trough the ether, but it appears he simply never considered the possibility that EM waves could actually consist of some kind of vortex-like structure along which standing electro-magnetic waves can and do propagate trough the ether.

And actually, in the area just around a transmitter antenna the fields have different characteristics than further away from an antenna. Remember what I said about the possibility of having transversal waves at the border of two media?

How about the border between antenna and the air? This distinction is known as "near field" versus "far field": Near and far field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quote: The "far-field", which extends from about two wavelengths distance from the antenna to infinity, is the region in which the field acts as "normal" electromagnetic radiation.

The power of this radiation decreases as the square of distance from the antenna, and absorption of the radiation has no effect on the transmitter.

By contrast, the "near-field", which is inside about one wavelength distance from the antenna, is a region in which there are strong inductive and capacitative effects from the currents and charges in the antenna, which do not behave like far-field radiation.

These effects decrease in power far more quickly with distance, than does the far-field radiation power.

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So, in essence, Tesla did not realise that there was such a thing as a near field and a far field. In the quantum view of electromagnetic interactions, far field effects are manifestations of real photons, while near field effects are due to a mixture of real and virtual photons.

Virtual photons composing near-field fluctuations and signals, have effects which are far shorter range than do real photons.The Family Division of the Maine Judicial Branch handles a variety of cases involving families and children. Family matters cases are heard in the District Court. Click on the pages below for more information on specific topics.

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Alumalloy division case

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